Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Twilight Fair

It was a beautiful day to have a Twilight Fair. Our pots sold sucessfully, the pots were sold at five dollars each. If you bought a pot you would get an origami puppy and 10 origami papers and instructions free! Some of our classmates got to have a turn at selling our mystery hot pots. Other senior classes sold dream catchers, tote bags, snow globes, candles in bottles and more items! To get our customers to come to our stall we had to advertise. We made banners, posters, flyers and we also made an add to be heard on the radio. There were different activities you could do like the trailer ride, tombola, coconut shy, quad bike rides and the favourite...... CAR SMASHING!!! That was fun to watch. We had a FANTASTIC Twilight Fair.
by B.A. R.S and V.M