Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making Pop Up Cards

Yesterday we made pop up cards as part of our topic '' SHOW ME THE MONEY .'' we made three different cards. The first one was a cute faced pop up card , then we made a monster faced card . Some of us got up to the last one , we first had to cut a line from the center in a 45 degree angle , then we folded the flap both ways after wards we open it and pushed the nose in and eyes out. We had great fun decorating and drawing our monsters face!


Monday, August 24, 2009


We are starting our brand new topic "Show us the money." We are currently doing activities that involve making objects such as 0rigamy that will possibly be sold at our school gala. We will do other activities in another class tomorrow and so on. The activities will lead us into finally making something ourselves. We are looking forward to working on this topic. It's going to be really fun!


Hook on Room 14

Today we started our unit on Show Me the Money. We made a treasure box for trinkets. We followed instructions from Origami by Chris Alexander on how to make a Masu box. The popcorn tasted scrumptious that we filled our box with. We could chose between salt and icing sugar.
For the next few weeks we are going to wonder, plan, explore, create and reflect on a product to sell at our school Gala on the 20th November. As a class we will decide on the best product and try and win the most money.

Roll on Room 14.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Glove Puppets

We have been studying Leisure. Leisure is activities we do outside, or inside in our spare time. One leisure activity we have been looking at is puppets. Puppets are a good leisure activity because you can play with them and have heaps of fun.

We began our puppets by screwing up some newspaper and stuffing it inside a stocking. Then we recycled a toilet roll inner by placing it inside the stocking and tying it off. Using old newspapers we paper mached the outside of the stocking and around the holder. As we made the outside, we made the features. When this had dried, we then used white paper to cover the newsprint.

We are now waiting for them to dry completely, so we can paint their faces. At home, we are making the costumes to hot glue gun on when the paint is dry.

We are very excited about finishing our puppets and making plays for the juniors with them.

Our photo is of our puppets, hanging up to dry before painting.


Our Week

Part of our leisure topic is to make our own puppets. We used stockings, newspaper, toilet rolls and lots of materials in doing so. We had to base our puppet characters on a person from a book or movie. We began by stuffing a ball of newspaper in a stocking. After that we stuck a toilet roll under the ball of newspaper. At the moment we are papermaching the head with more newspaper. Some of our students have chosen characters such as Superman, Captain Underpants and even
Michael Jackson.

Also we are currently doing speeches. Tomorow is the finals. We are looking forward to hearing the magnificent speeches.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to our World

We invite you into our World. You will be able to experience our ideas, thought and learning. Room 14 is looking forward to your feedback.