Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Glove Puppets

We have been studying Leisure. Leisure is activities we do outside, or inside in our spare time. One leisure activity we have been looking at is puppets. Puppets are a good leisure activity because you can play with them and have heaps of fun.

We began our puppets by screwing up some newspaper and stuffing it inside a stocking. Then we recycled a toilet roll inner by placing it inside the stocking and tying it off. Using old newspapers we paper mached the outside of the stocking and around the holder. As we made the outside, we made the features. When this had dried, we then used white paper to cover the newsprint.

We are now waiting for them to dry completely, so we can paint their faces. At home, we are making the costumes to hot glue gun on when the paint is dry.

We are very excited about finishing our puppets and making plays for the juniors with them.

Our photo is of our puppets, hanging up to dry before painting.



  1. Good idea Room 14, those puppets sound cool. SV

    Your puppets look like violins. DO

    Your puppet pictures look really cool. CJ

    Hopefully we'll see the puppets when they're painted. AH

    The puppets look like boxing gloves. KE

    It sounds like a fun idea. AP

    You should show your puppets in assembly. BS

    I think some of the puppets look like boats. TW

    I will have to try making one sometime. KM

    How about making a puppet show? ML

  2. We are interested in seeing the finished puppets at syndicate assembly. We would love to see them in a play too.

  3. Those glove puppets look interesting.