Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Week

Part of our leisure topic is to make our own puppets. We used stockings, newspaper, toilet rolls and lots of materials in doing so. We had to base our puppet characters on a person from a book or movie. We began by stuffing a ball of newspaper in a stocking. After that we stuck a toilet roll under the ball of newspaper. At the moment we are papermaching the head with more newspaper. Some of our students have chosen characters such as Superman, Captain Underpants and even
Michael Jackson.

Also we are currently doing speeches. Tomorow is the finals. We are looking forward to hearing the magnificent speeches.



  1. I'm so impressed that you already have up two more posts on your first day of blogging! As I was writing this comment I see you also have 100 hits - amazing in such a short time! I'm really looking forward to hearing all about the things you are learning in Room 14 so keep the posts coming!

  2. You boys did great on your own. Well done.